Aussie Bloggers Conference

Well the day has come, it is really here, it is the Aussie Bloggers Conference!

It is half through the conference and we have had 2 fantastic sessions so far, Creating Content and Social Media. We have had some fantastic panelists and I have learnt some wonderful things.

But mainly I have connected in real life with fellow bloggers. People have told me that my blog has helped them with gluten free recipes and ideas. That is why I am here folks. To share my knowledge with you. Being gluten free can be a daunting and hallowing thing and it is easier when there is someone else can show you the way.

I am so appreciative of my sponsors for allowing me to come here, it still spins me out a little that people paid me money to come here, its a tad surreal but I am so so thankful!

So again, I thank them.

Later I will pop their pictures up but with restricted internet access I am having trouble loading images so here are their links:

Little Billies

Food for Health

OTi Organiser

Baby Concepts

So off I go to the rest of the day





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3 Responses to Aussie Bloggers Conference

  1. Sounds fabulous Nellbe – I’m only totally green with jealousy :)
    Caz (the truth about mummy) recently posted..Grateful for paths well worn

  2. Deidre says:

    So glad the conference is fun!!

    I am a little jealous!
    Deidre recently posted..You ask and you shall receive

  3. Samadhi says:

    Way to go nellbe!!