Gluten Free News: Food for Health, Miley Cyrus, Target, Hershey’s and Absolutely Gluten Free

I thought I might start a regular weekly post of gluten free news I have come across throughout the week. Cannot think of anything more exciting than just calling it ‘Gluten Free News’

Here we go: One of my awesome advertisers has a fantastic competition going on over at Facebook at the moment. Head over to Food for Health and check it out.

Isn’t it interesting how people are getting stuck into Miley Cyrus for talking about her new gluten free diet? She has a gluten and lactose intolerance apparently but she urges her fans on twitter to try no gluten and see how they go. Hmmm its that old ‘gluten free is cool but shouldn’t be’¬†dilemma¬†again.

Did you see the new gluten free cheese rings and twists I found at Target?

For my US readers, did you see that Hershey’s have bought out a gluten free listing? Thank goodness Reese Peanut Butter Cups are on there – they are one of my favourites!

Great news for a Melbourne gluten free shop, they have recently expanded the shop and added a cafe. Congratulations Absolutely Gluten Free.

Do you have any gluten free news to share?



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