Gluten Free News –, Celiac Awareness Month, Gluten Free Eating Directory, Nut Free Bars

Gluten Free news I have discovered from things I have read as well as news releases I have received.

A new online store has opened just for us gluten free and wheat free folk. is chook full of all the products we need.

Celiac Awareness Month

May is Celiac Awareness Month in the USA. How lucky they get a whole month! The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness has some great things in store including a round of posts by some wonderful gluten free bloggers. Something those of us not in America can enjoy, see here for the details.

(as a side note, celiac is spelt without the ‘o’ in America and Canada, if I am talking about USA based celiac related news I will spell it the way they spell it.)

Gluten Free Eating Directory

I have just discovered that this fabulous website now has an app to make it even easier to discover new products and businesses. Even better is that they have one for iPhone and Android! And its free!

Nut Free Bars

Like many schools and day care centres across Australia, my son’s school has declared it to be a nut free zone. My son takes this very seriously (as he should!) and reads every label before I put it into his lunch and even with products that have a ‘may contains’ statement we don’t put it into his lunchbox. This is why nut free bars are fantastic, I have found 2 gluten free nut free bars on the market, Freedom Foods and Food for Health.

Have you got any gluten free news?


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One Response to Gluten Free News –, Celiac Awareness Month, Gluten Free Eating Directory, Nut Free Bars

  1. Mary Preston says:

    We were looking for some drinking chocolate for my daughter. The WOOLWORTHS HOME BRAND drinking chocolate looks to be Gluten Free. Where it says allergens it does NOT list wheat or Gluten & she has been fine drinking it.