Real Life Wednesday on Thursday


I was planning on writing this yesterday on Wednesday but… you know that thing real life? Yeah it kinda got in the way. It all started Wednesday morning at 2am and a sick child. I really don’t need to say any more do I? You all get it.

You all understand why I had these within reach all day.


You all get why I could barely string 2 words together, let alone write a whole post.

Despite being bleary eyed I took a few moments to think of things that made me smile yesterday.

  • It seems Tiniest Man’s worst moments were between 2am and 6am I am extremely grateful it didn’t carry on all day.
  • My boys love singing together. Yes its loud and┬árepetitive┬ábut it makes them happy and it is very cute.

and that’s all I can think of for now, I am sure there was more when I was writing this post in my head this morning when I was also trying to remember if I had actually washed my hair or not.

And I have a teeth brushing update, I found some flashing toothbrushes in my local $2 shop (so it’s a no brand) and they have been a big hit so things are on the definite improve.

Hope your week is going ok.

Oh and I am linking up with Kate at Picklebums and Real Life Wednesday.


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7 Responses to Real Life Wednesday on Thursday

  1. Oh no, it always happens through the night. I hope he’s feeling better now. There is nothing worse than a sick child.

  2. Mary Preston says:

    The only thing worse than a sick child is being sick yourself & knowing you still have to soldier on.

  3. Lisa Nolan says:

    Hope your little guy feels better! (And mom got some much-needed sleep!)

    Flashing toothbrushes ROCK! We had one that lasted two years! Including many trips in the dishwasher! Sadly, it died recently and went to toothbrush Heaven.

    • nellbe says:

      Hi Lisa, my little one is better, thank you and unfortunately I never seem to get caught up on sleep. I love that you have the flashing toothbrushes too! They are still working well for me. :)

  4. Hope your boy is well again.
    I need some of those flashing toothbrushes! must look for them.